In order to achieve the project’s objective, LTT scheduled activities and meeting will be characterised by a high degree of cooperation and collaboration between teachers and students and an effective use of ICTs.

In this sense, we can clearly differentiate two levels in the project¡d framework.
The first one is internal: each school is going to train students and teachers through the implementation of group dynamics, collaborative methodologies based on fostering motivation and appropriate use of ICTs.

The second level is external and will take place during the students’ meetings, which will enable 150 participants (teachers and students) to get to know each other and to cooperate. The multilateral partnership will make it possible for at least 16 pupils and 10 teachers in each of the 5 countries to
take part in the project mobilities and start a European education process that will follows the same guidelines used at the internal level: pupil-centered pedagogy, collaboration and digital classroom.

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